Lifestyle Choices= Lens Choices

No matter what frames you choose, your visual and wearing comfort ultimately depends on selecting the right type of lenses. We'll show you what factors are critical and what you need to look out for when choosing your lenses.  

Sports Glasses

There are many types of lens designs that are available for the special needs of sports enthusiasts. Polycarbonate lenses are usually the material of choice for active sports. Ray Bans, Oakley's, Maui Jims, and many other popular glasses can be made with your prescription. Also available are polarized lenses which reflect glare, aid in depth perception and make colors more vivid. They are especially helpful for all types of outdoor activities. Seeing is believing. Ask our optical staff for a demonstration of polarized lenses!

Anti-Reflective Coatings

What do people see when they look at your glasses? With the technology in anti-reflective (A/R) coatings, they will see your eyes! That's because the A/R coating will cut down on annoying glare that bounces off your lenses. They will also resist scratches and repel smudges, fingerprints, dust, dirt, and water better than any lens. Lenses are easier to clean, stay clean longer, and allow for long lasting clarity.

Computer Lenses

These lenses are constructed with a series of coatings to protect the user from the harmful effects of computer display terminals. Anti-Reflective and U.V. filter coatings are essential for computer use. Computer lenses require specific vision measurements to be taken at the time of exam so please be sure and mention this to the doctor.

Progressive Lenses

We offer the newest most advanced designs in progressive lenses. The new wavefront technology used in laser surgery eliminates surface distortion and provides visual comfort at all distances while the digitally surfaced lenses allows for a greater field of view. And now there are even progressive lenses that can fit those smaller trendy frames.


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