George A. Bertolucci, M.D. 

Fellowship Trained in Retina Surgery

Maziar Bidar, MD

Fellowship Trained in Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Steven Fogg, MD

Cataract Surgery, Aging EyeCare and General Ophthalmology

Mehdi Ghajar, MD

Fellowship Trained in Corneal Refractive Surgery

Andrea B. Lanier

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Cosmetic Procedures

W. Andrew Maxwell, MD, PhD

Refractive Surgery, Cataract Surgery and General Ophthalmology

Richard N. Mendoza, MD

Cataract Surgery

David M. Poulsen, MD, MPH




Eric J. Poulsen, MD

Refractive and Lasik Surgery

Daniel C. Prescott, MD

Diseases of the Retina and Vitreous

Rodney C. Remington, MD

Refractive Surgery, Cataract Surgery,Glaucoma Specialist,and General Ophthalmology

Carolyn M. Sakauye, MD

Fellowship Trained in Cornea & Ocular Surface Disease

Azhar I. Salahuddin, MD

Cornea And External Eye Disease Specialist

Donald H. Strum, MD

Specializes in the treatment of Cataracts and Glaucoma

Sumeer Thinda, M.D.

Fellowship Trained in Vitreoretinal Surgery

Richard H. Whitten, Jr.,MD

Pediatric Ophthalmology and Oculoplastic Surgery

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